Committee Members

  1. The Oakmont Citizens’ Committee is made up of the following individuals:
  • Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Parking Marshal
  • NIH and Suburban Liaison

The offices of Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary are filled on a rotating basis by residents elected by voice vote for terms of three years each. They are paid $1200 annually for their service.

The positions of Parking Marshal and NIH Liaison are voluntary positions with no fixed term or salary.

Currently these offices are held by:

Will Reynolds Chair 585-278-0183
Kathy King Treasurer
Andrew Stasiowski Secretary
Ella IamsParking Marshal301-564-9537
Marilyn MazuzanNIH/Suburban Liaison301-530-4249

Anyone interested in running for elected office in Oakmont is urged to contact any member of the committee. Elections are held each April during the Annual Town Meeting.

Committee members can be reached at the telephone numbers above, or by sending an email to

The town mailing address  is:
P.O. Box 34595
Bethesda, MD 20817